Court Proceedings

We accept that litigation is one tool that can validly be used to resolve disputes, particularly in cases where another party is unresponsive or does not genuinely wish to seek a resolution.

We offer ‘unbundled’ assistance with litigation so that legal costs are clear and fixed, involving preparation of court documents and litigation advice.

To reduce costs on parties, we prefer an approach that sees parties attend at court on a self-represented but carefully advised basis. We are not listed on the court record, we do not communicate with the other side, and we do not attend court. This reduces costs significantly for clients, while we can offer advice and support along the way and assist with more technical aspects of the case.

This approach significantly reduces costs because most litigated matters are listed in court on multiple occasions, with cases often remaining before the court for many months. Court hearings can sometimes last much of a day, and there are sometimes even significant court delays in obtaining minor procedural orders during busy list days. This often results in significant costs to clients as lawyers generally charge on an hourly basis. This is one of the major reasons for unexpected and large litigation bills.

Corresponding with other parties (particularly self represented parties) can also significantly increase legal costs. Many clients have been surprised at legal bills for time their lawyer has had to spend in replying and dealing with a never-ending stream of emails and threats from the other side.

To allow us to provide certainty in costs and due to our focus on alternative dispute resolution, we assist parties to prepare for court but Collaborative Law Corporation does not attend court hearings or communicate with the other side.

Our fees are usually as follows (subject to complexity):

  • Family Law Provincial Court Application or Response / financial documents, initial advice, filing, assistance with service requirements, parties to attend court on self-represented basis – $1900 plus taxes fixed fee.  (the Provincial Court is mostly used regarding children and child support matters and claims up to $35,000)
  • Family Law Supreme Court Claim / Response,  financial documents, initial advice, filing, assistance with service requirements, with parties to attend court on self-represented basis – $2600 plus taxes (the Supreme Court has sole jurisdiction to deal with property matters following separation and civil claims over $35,000)
  • Litigation advice bundle – up to 6 support ticket requests / telephone attendances with a lawyer, up to 3 correspondences to the other side, up to one office meeting to review documents / discuss your case – $600 plus taxes fixed fee per month.

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